Month nine in the war to retake the R’yu trinary solar system under Adrasteia’s rule

Imperial Date: 2141 ABCAE

Month, day: Thoth, 38th

Location: R’yu trinary solar system, aboard Tier twenty-nine, Lord Admiral Nairn’s command void sphere ‘Nairn’s omnipotence’

Command sphere’s population: Approximately fifty-one million

Void assault directly under Lord Admiral Nairn’s command: Nine hundred million.

Ground assault personal attached to the fleet: Five hundred-one million

Nairn chewed the inside of his cheeks as he paced restlessly inside the real-time holographic image of the R’yu solar system.  Searching for signs of the R’yu nano ships that had slipped into hiding among the blue-green ice clouds of Ice giant Nacon was proving to be way more difficult than he’d ever imagine.

“Reconfigure mass spectrometry scan, look for oxygen release in once square inch by one foot depth,” Nairn said to his nano ship’s network.

“Volume parameters established, parts per million oxygen per one square inch by one foot depth desired?”  The nano material replied, sounding from all directions within his command bubble.

“I don’t know…I don’t know, let me think,” he replied, clenching his fist as his mind worked on a solution to the question.

“In one five thousandths of a second the R’yu nano fluid can close its wounds.  Why would you look for breathable atmosphere?” He heard a familiar female voice say from behind.

“O’letha.  What are you doing…?”

“You should be looking for something more feasible no?” O’letha cut in before he could finish as she slid in front of him to stare at the scan screen he’d just called up.

“Funny how I don’t remember asking you or anyone else for help,” he retorted as he mentally called up two more scan screens.

“Oh, I see, you’re not looking for atmosphere bleed, you’re looking for nano material metabolism.”

“How’d you even get in here?  I have this bubble sealed in three different ways.  Besides that, you’re a Tier one Ground Assault.   What do you know or care of void affairs?” Nairn asked, semi curious about what kind of training the new troops from Heka system were receiving, especially since she’d realized what he was looking for the moment she’d taken a better look at his scan screens.

“R’yu nano material is still raw and organic, and nowhere near as refined as our own.  Hence its dark grey mercury appearance vice our own matte black.”

“Who cares what color nano fluid is?  They’re cloaked and we’re cloaked.  Are you going to open your mouth and say something more ridiculous, like cloak has a color?”

“I just thought it’s a relevant fact to point out.  When you’re looking for something, it’s best to identify with the nature of what you’re looking for.  So in this case, yes I do think cloak has color.”

Nairn felt a tickle in his stomach he dared not indulge hearing the sass in her tone as she answered him.  Stealing a fast gulp of air he crushed the remnants of amusement rising to the surface then said “all I see is blue and green, I also thought I made it clear I want you to leave.”

After saying that he realized he’d been unable to maintain even an ounce of sincerity in his voice.

She’s growing on me and it’s annoying,” he thought as he casually checked her out.

“You want me to leave?  All this time I thought you were probing me, wanting to glen information on the classified training all of us new troops are receiving in the Heka system training camps?” O’letha replied, tilting her head to the left, catching him just as his eyes feel upon her breast.

Casually moving his eyes up to her face, then back to the nearest scan screen he said “all of you new people arriving from the Heka system training camps really making my skin crawl.  There’s no doubt in my mind that something’s wrong with all of you.  And I am not one to easily feel unsettled.  So I’ll say this openly, I don’t trust any of you.  I feel as if all of you have already transcended Tier two civilization status and merely stay among the rest because of your loyalty to the old Emperor and Empress.”

“Lord Admiral Nairn, you’re being truthful at all.  I’m the only one who unsettles you.  I know this is because you’d never give anyone else even an ounce of thought to become unsettled by them in the first place.”

Nairn knew her words to be true the moment she’d said them, but the mental commands he’d been sending to enhance his ship’s scans were finally beginning to bear fruit, which gave him the perfect excuse to ignore her while he added more refinements to his search parameters.  After a few more seconds of silence the main scan screen along with his secondary screen began to give him intermittent target data, while his third scan screen that’d been monitoring the three red dwarfs began to flash light wave absorption ratios.  

“Zoom, pulse, then calculate all possible trajectories,” he commanded his nano-material voidship as thin, pink-violet trails began to appear in the blue-green clouds of Ice giant Nacon.

“Zoom complete.  R’yu void sphere is estimated to have a crew of ten million.  Stand by: Three more spheres detected.  Estimated crew per sphere based on Pulse – three million.  Warning: Pulse has picked up nano material density increase in the exact form of the human body, suggesting they are preparing to swarm into the void in single person spheres.  Future trajectories calculated are contradictory to prior warning as all spheres continue to head deeper into the Ice giant’s atmosphere,” the ship replied as he caught the first glimpses of mercury-silver colored orbs.

“I have something to tell you before you leave to fight the new Emperor,” O’letha said in warm tone that made his blood boil because he knew in that very same moment she’d already slipped into a place he was sure he didn’t have.

“Dimitrius is not the new Emperor, I don’t care what former Emperor Quortez or Empress Felicia say.  To me, they’re still the acting powers that be till I crush Dimitrius and become the new Emperor, plain and simple,” he said feeling the nano cells within his body reflexively tighten when he thought about the fight to come.

“I don’t want you to go to the World-ship.  Tomorrow…I…well I…”

“I’m going, and that’s that.  And when I do become Emperor, I’ll stop playing games with these ridiculous back stabbing people.  When I get back here I’m going to swarm this system with so many ships every damn planet will be thrown out of orbit within one Adrasteian day.”   

“You know how…how I follow you everywhere?”

“Yes…of course I know.”

“Well…I won’t be allowed on the World-Ship”

“Of course you’ll be allo…”

Nair shut his mouth for two reason.  The first reason was to not be so obvious that he’d in fact never put great effort in restricting her access.  The second – he simply couldn’t believe.

“What in the seven lives is wrong with me?” Nairn wondered as his lips curled into genuinely happy a smile.


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