Adrasteia Binary



Blue Giant: Sekhmet

Red Giant: Rati

Normal orbit is approximately four and a half light days apart


Planet 1)          Rock: Kemet Spodos

Four times larger than Earth

Planet 2)          Rock: Ta’ab

Eight times larger than Earth

Planet 3)          Rock: Ta’ab Shui

Fourteen times larger than Earth

Planet 4)          Rock: Cex

Six times larger than Earth

Planet 5)          Rock: Vayu

Ten times larger than Earth

Planet 6)          Rock: Adrasteia

Twelve times larger than Earth

Planet 7)          Class III, Gas Giant: Tepeu

Fourteen moon-worlds orbit Gas Giant Tepeu

Planet 8)          Class II, Gas Giant: Thoth

Twenty-five moon-worlds orbit Gas Giant Thoth

Planet 9)          Class I, Gas Giant: Tezcatlipoca

Nine moon-worlds orbit Gas Giant Tezcatlipoca 

  • Moon-worlds: All forty-eight moon-worlds are at a minimum eight times larger than Earth.
  • Solar system population: Two point nine trillion.
  • Resources: In Adrasteia binary, only planet Adrasteia is known to have an abundance of organic based helix-materials comprising of both metal and crystal.  So far, only trace amounts of helix-material have been found on all the other worlds in Adrasteia binary.
  • Location: Adrasteia binary is approximately twelve Earth light years away from Heka trinary and twenty-four from Kampana trinary.


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