Globular cluster Tyche

Four moon sector

(Apsaras of the final hope)


Blue Hyper giant: Kamakhya

Y Dwarf Hyang’s normal orbit is approximately twenty-one light hours away from Kamakhya

Planet 1)          Y Dwarf:  Hyang

Moons Orbiting Y Dwarf Hyang

Moon 1)           Aanjay

Three hundred seventy-seven times larger than Earth

Moon 2)           Utari

Two hundred thirty-three times larger than Earth

Moon 3)           Nur

One hundred forty-four times larger than Earth

Moon 4)           Ningrum

Eighty-nine times larger than Earth

  • Globular cluster population: Approximately two billion.  Note that this population count is only based on Adrasteia Empire’s current presence since Adrasteians only go to the four moon sector for special occasions.
  • Location: Thirty-six light years from Adrasteia binary.


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