Heka Trinary



Blue Giant: Shiva

Orange Giant: Devi

Red Giant:  Isis

Normal orbit is approximately four light days apart

Planet 1)          Class II, Gas Giant: Bes

Fourteen moon-worlds orbit Gas Giant Bes

Planet 2)          Class II, Gas Giant: T’ros

Eight moon-worlds orbit Gas Giant T’ros

Planet 3)          Class II, Gas Giant: Bastet

Twenty-one moon-worlds orbit Gas Giant Bastet

Planet 4)          Class II, Gas Giant: Seshat

Three moon-worlds orbit Gas Giant Seshat

  • Moon-worlds: All forty-six moon-worlds are at a minimum twelve times larger than Earth.
  • Solar system population: Approximately four trillion.
  • Resources: The metals that comprise the moon-worlds of Heka trinary are all organic based helical structures.
  • Location: Heka trinary is twelve Earth light years from Adrasteia binary and twelve from Kampana trinary.


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