Yin’t & Yin’n Binary

(Divinity of women)


White dwarf: Kali

Ignited brown dwarf: Vajrayogini

Normal orbit is approximately eight light days apart

Planet 1)          Class V, Gas Giant: Nigredo

Planet 2)          Rock: Pele

Fifty-five times larger than Earth

Planet 3)          Class IV, Gas Giant: Oya

Planet 4)          Class II, Gas Giant: Dissolutio

Planet 5)          Class II, Gas Giant: Separationem

Planet 6)          Rock: Mahavairocana

Three times larger than Earth

Planet 7)          Class II, Gas Giant: Albedo

Planet 8)          Ice Giant: Conjunctio

Planet 9)          Rock: Fermentationem

Thirteen times larger than Earth

Planet 10)        Rock: Marici

Eight times larger than Earth

Planet 11)        Ice Giant:  Citrinitas

Planet 12)        Class I, Gas Giant: Rubedo

Planet 13)        Rock: Tattvasamgraha

Five times larger than Earth

Planet 14)        Ice Giant: Inhib

Planet 15)        Rock: Yin’t

Thirty-four times larger than Earth

Planet 16)        Rock: Yin’n

Twenty-one times larger than Earth

  • Orbit path: Yin’t and Yin’n are tidally locked together and travel throughout the entire binary system in a Horseshoe Orbit.
  • Solar system population: Approximately four point two trillion.
  • Location: Eighty-six light years from Adrasteia binary.


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