The battle of ‘Primal Instincts’

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Month nine in the war to retake the R’yu trinary solar system under Adrasteia’s rule Imperial Date: 2141 ABCAE Month, day: Thoth, 38th Location: R’yu trinary solar system, aboard Tier twenty-nine, Lord Admiral Nairn’s command void sphere ‘Nairn’s omnipotence’ Command sphere’s population: Approximately fifty-one million Void assault directly under Lord Admiral Nairn’s command: Nine hundred million. Ground assault personal attached to the fleet: Five hundred-one million Nairn chewed the inside of his cheeks as he paced restlessly inside the real-time holographic image of the R’yu solar system.  Searching for signs of the R’yu nano ships…

Art & Empire profiles

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The solar system & planetary art, as well as the Empire bio’s are currently in the works . Don’t forget to pick up a copy of book one of the ‘Wilting souls saga’! ————————————————————————————————————— For more about the realm, check out the novel “Wilting Souls” Paperback: ebook: © 2014-2015 CRJ Riggins